Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kids Any Hero Letters

I got a great envelope this week from one of my regular cardmakers, Laura O. in Tennessee. She makes some really beautiful cards and I always get excited when I see her packages come in the mail. This time at my mailbox was a flat, 8.5x11 envelope. Hmm.....did she flatten her cards? Send me a magazine? Didn't quite know what to expect, until I opened it and found 22 of these...

What an amazing surprise! Our heroes just LOVE getting the any hero letters, especially ones from children. My husband and I had the best time reading these, they were so cute - some of my favorite quotes from these letters were:

  • "Thank you for letting us have freedom. And getting to have that flag hanging high"
  • "I hope you are going to have a good time there and win! Make a lot of friends! I hope you win!"
  • "Thank you for going to the war for the schools, everything else - good job and thank you!"
  • "Thank you for saving our country. You're awesome for doing that you rock!"
  • "Thank you so much for being out there - for letting us have houses"
  • "Thank you for fighting for our freedom. We give thanks to the people who gave their lives to let us live another day, so we have a chance to take another breath of sweet life"
  • "Thanks for all the good you've done to help keep us safe and sound. Hope you keep the bad guys away from us. My grandfather has ridden in the Stars and Stripes before. Well I hope you guys are safe"

And my absolute favorite....

  • "Thank you for what you are doing for us. We all love you. But could you do us a favor, make a trust, you know, shake hands. Love, America"

Have kids that need something to do this summer? Take an hour, and have them write a few of these letters! They can be shipped to any of our shippers at Cards for Heroes, and we will happily send them along in our boxes to the heroes. There is a printable template for kids to use on our website here:

Any Hero Letter Template

Feel free to have kids create their own cards as well...whatever is most comfortable for them and you!

In a season of beaches, picnics, boating, sunscreen, friends and family, and freedom...let's remember why we have those things - and take a few minutes to thank someone. It's simple, easy, and has long-lasting effects.


Sandy said...

Awwwwwww!!!! *sniff* So cute!!!

Carmen O. said...

Definitely making me tear sweet!

Diane S said...

I love getting the messages from kids to send over. I received one this week that said "If you see my big bro, Sean, tell him I love him". Made me tear up...